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    My problem on greyzed is that my header block is too deep – the black backgrounded JPEG section I added takes up almost half of an 18in screen. However, if I use a narrower image it just reveals more of the original, rather empty, background image. I want to reduce the headers depth and move the text of my posts further up so that readers immediately see something to read. I guess I need a way to move the original background image up so the blank bit of it would be covered by my own, narrower than at present, logo.

    I hope someone understands all that and can help?!

    The blog I need help with is


    Create your new shorter image, upload it to the media and then post the URL of that image here and we can help you. If you place it in #header rather than in the h1 selector, and adjust the height of #header, the #container section which includes the sidebar and the content area should automatically move up.



    I’ve tried this out with my current logo as a test and yes, it has moved the background up as I wanted.
    Unfortunately though the blog name logo ‘3SONGSBONN’ (the one that generated automatically when I named the blog) does not move up with the background so it then gets in the way of the posts. I assume I need to move this up somehow also or alternatively I could remove it entirely and just attach the blog homepage url to the jpeg image? Either way I need to locate the ‘3SONGSBONN’ clickable logo link in the CSS. What do you recommend?


    The ‘3SONGSBONN’ site title looks like a text link to me right now, and it’s targeted with this selector:
    #header h1 a

    I also looked at and the ‘3SONGSBONN’ text doesn’t get in the way of the posts from what I can see. Did you already fix it?



    Thanks for the help designsimply. Actually I hadn’t changed the header since my original query. I had just done some tests with what Sacredpath suggested whilst at work without saving. Now I’m back home I can do a replacement JPG and see what happens.


    The title can be repositioned anywhere you want it.


    Let us know how it goes. :)



    Okay, thanks to you guys I’ve got it sorted.
    Many thanks, Your help is really much appreciated!


    I like that you kept it text. Looks nice.

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