Too much space above and below images with captions in Coraline

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    Starting with posts I have published October 8, 2010 and beyond, whenever I add a caption to an image I insert into a post, I now have far too much space above and below the image. If I do not add a caption to an image, I do not have noticeable extra space. Why is this happening and how can I eliminate noticeable extra space when I add captions to my images?

    The blog I need help with is



    Hi. You are not alone: there is a bug with the editor at the moment, doing weird things like adding an   between paragraphs. Staff is aware of this. More info here:


    Just go in and delete the extra lines and spaces. You might have to do it from within the HTML tab. Oh, and if you edit the post after you remove the lines and then save, the blank lines just might come back. TinyMCE, the people who make the editor really messed up on this latest update. It is broken in sooooooo many ways.


    Thanks so much for the feedback and the link to the very helpful thread. I assumed I was the only one having this problem and it was cyber-stupid me doing something dumb. I hope they fix this bug soon.


    I have deleted the extra lines and spaces. Everything looks great, but then when I check out my post in preview, the spaces are still there.


    Preview is flakey lately. Update the post and then go to your blog main page and force refresh your browser, and I might even suggest clearing your browser cache. Some browsers will use cached files unless you force them to fetch new ones.


    I did clear my cache and I also deleted all the   codes that were in-between all of my images with captions in the html screen. Also, I did not save my changes and just updated my posts after deleting the   codes. This appears to have eliminated the problem. This extra step is annoying, but hey, if it can make it go away, I can and will do it. I really appreciate both of you guys taking the time to give me such helpful feedback about this problem.



    Sometimes when that happens, I switch back and forth between Visual and HTML until the extra line breaks disappear, and save. Sometimes it helps.


    Wow, thought I was going nuts! Glad I’m not alone in this one – it’s a nightmare on long pages like I’ve got! ( I tried notepad, wordpad, live writer (which can’t even see my blog theme), and some other doo-dad editor trying to get around it. I go into HTML and it just bounces around like I’m not even there! GRRRRRR. Is it just coraline theme or ….worse?


    It’s worse. It is the editor itself, so it affects all themes.


    Yay, fun. And to top it off I’ve gone back to trying Live Writer to compile the long lists of farmers markets etc on my pages and even it’s acting weird! I can’t get LW to download my theme (Coraline) so that’s a crap-shoot, and it doesn’t seem to matter which editor I use, (wordpress/html/livewriter/etc) I don’t seem to get to decide what size spaces go between returns – why is that?


    Oh, happy day – I’ve found a solution to the spacing issue! I can use tables in Live Writer to control the spaces between the lines! Check it out – looks so much better and now I can edit these lists easily any time!

    See what happens when you bang your head hard enough…

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