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    For the last month or so I’ve noticed that there’s a huge gap between paragraphs and between texts and photos as if I’ve hit “enter” several times when I haven’t. Here’s a link to a post that has this problem I was wondering if anyone knew how to fix this?

    The blog I need help with is




    I’ve had a look at the code & it does look like it’s entered some spaces. You can get rid of these by deleting the blank lines. What software do you use to enter your blogs ie: WordPress/ Blogsy etc?



    I use WordPress. I’m assuming I just go into text view and delete the blanks? Is there a way to fix this where it’s just default so I don’t have to check every post? Thanks so much!



    You ought to be able to switch to the Text (HTML) editor and remove extraneous spaces. However, more important is understanding what’s creating them. Are you copying and pasting text form somewhere else into posts?

    If you have been copying and pasting text from elsewhere without using either icon 5 or icon 6 in Row 2 of the visual editor, then please see here

    Go to Settings > Writing and select “ ___ WordPress should correct invalidly nested XHTML automatically” and then scroll down and click “Save Changes.”

    Posts > All Posts, change all your latest posts to Draft, click Update, change them back to Published, click Update again. (You can edit all of them at once: tick the square in front of their titles then select Edit from the Bulk Actions dropdown and click Apply.)


    I have noticed it does it in certain posts like the one I sent you. I have another post going up that I just looked at in preview that doesn’t have this problem. I do copy/paste photos but not text.



    Are you saying that the images are not being uploaded into your blog? If you don’t upload them into posts then they will not be on servers. If they are not hosted on servers or on third party servers like photobucket or flickr then they will disappear from the posts. Exactly where are these images hosted?


    Some are hosted on WordPress, others aren’t. Is that creating the issue with my gaps in my text because I have gaps where I never placed a photo to begin with?



    Have you followed the guide for uploading images?
    For details about the options for uploading images I recommend

    I believe you could be creating the gaps when you copy and paste the images. I also believe that you don’t understand what you are doing. In the post you linked to above you linked to a book cover. That image is on Amazon servers and by not capturing a copy of it first and uploading to your own computer and then uploading it into servers what you are doing is called “hotlinking” ie. you are sucking up Amazon bandwidth without paying for it.


    I use the recommendations thing that WordPress has where it recommends photos and lets you automatically insert them. I assumed since that was a WordPress item that the photos were okay. The rest of my images I link via URL using the WordPress URL uploader. I can try strictly saving and uploading/uploading via URL from now on if that seems to be the issue.



    I use the instructions at the second link I posted for you. When it comes to issue like these gaps justpi (Panos) is the Volunteer who fathoms what’s going on with the code and how to fix it. I’m hoping he will enter this thread and help you.

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