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    I’m using K-2 Lite with a MacBookPro running Firefox. Everything looks beautiful on my screen, but when I open my blog on a PC the default comment field (I think–it’s slightly off the screen on Firefox) pushes everything in the sidebar to the bottom. All the other pages and posts are fine.

    thanks for the help



    Please give us a link to your blog :-)



    oh. sorry.

    thanks again.



    (1) The correct url for your blog does not contain “www”. No urls’s contain “www”. This is the url for your blog
    (2) Using firefox your sidebar is where it belongs. Using IE6 it’s where it belongs too.
    (3) When sidebars fall to the bottom it’s usually a case of bloggers either copying and pasting stuuf that’s too large for the blooging space into posts or it’s due to uploading images that are too large for the blogging space. Firefox will attempt to render the image properly. IE will not do so. The maximum sizes for the themes’ blogging spaces are found here
    (4) I see two problems that may require staff attention. Firstly, when I click your blog header there’s no permalink. Secondly, all the right hand sides of the comment boxes are chopped off using firefox




    thank–I followed the size guide (and adjusted the font max and min on the category cloud). The problem seems to have resolved, though the Firefox right hand comment box is still chopped off.

    Lack of permalink is my doing–the header title is part of the art, and the title w/link is hidden. Any suggestions for putting one in without duplicating the title?

    validate: you mean registering w/Google and Technorati? I haven’t done that yet–still learning the ropes and appreciate your help.


    What timethief was saying is that the html validator says there are numerous errors in your blog. The link she gave was to the validator. Click on the link in her comment.



    thanks for the clarification sacredpath. being a newbie I have no idea how to fix the errors.


    One thing I saw was that the chart on is too wide. Check the link in TT’s post above on how wide images can be and then adjust the width. You can do this by opening the post to edit highlighting the image and then grabbing one of corner handles and making it smaller. Check all of your images and make sure they are not too wide. Did you by chance copy and paste them in from MS Word?

    There are known issues when trying to paste text from MS Word. If you are using the rich text editor then there is a special icon on the advanced tool bar which when clicked brings up a window where you can paste the text from Word and then insert it into your post. MS Word adds a bunch of extra code that can cause problems, and using this function in the rich text editor will clean things up and paste it as plain text.

    Alternately you can paste the text from word into a text editor such as Notepad or Textedit (mac) first and then copy that text and paste it into your post.



    very good!

    yes, early on I did c/p from Word–or from text in an email. I did go back in and adjust the images to the 500 pix maximum, or slightly less.

    thanks all for the help.


    There is a button in the rich text editor on the extended toolbar (press the last one on the right end to access the extended toolbar) that will allow you to post from word. Copy the text from word to the clipboard then go into the extended toolbar and press the yellow page looking icon with the “W” on it and a window will open. Paste your text into that window and press “insert.” It will strip out the offending code and insert it into the WP editor. You might have to do that to clear up the errors.

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