Took blog off private briefly subscribers already

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    I am working on a new blog that I have made private until its ready and it seems I somehow made it visible not long ago. It was only a few minutes but it has subscribers and readers already

    if I put it back on private will the subscribers be able to read their feeds as I publish posts?

    Some of the posts I’ve added are not even complete and they are being linked to, I just added them so the categories would show in the sidebar

    boy what a day

    The blog I need help with is



    I’ve never had a blog on private, so I wouldn’t know, but I would imagine that yes, if you set it to private, you will no longer have a public XML feed, however, the best way to know is to try.



    Ok thanks I made it private again and asked a couple of people to see if they can get into it and browse and it seems they can lol

    I will ask them to try later and see if its just a delay


    @lola: I just clicked the link you had given me – the blog isn’t private. There’s no delay when you set a blog to private. Perhaps you forgot to click Sace Changes?

    In the meantime I think you can go to Feedburner and delete the feed.



    I think I need to start drinking

    Thanks Panos I got myself mixed up with my test blog and the new blog lol I was working in both of them and clean forgot to make the new one private when I had finished

    Its the simple things that get me!

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