took off a year: upon return 8000 spams?

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    Long story but i set up my site using (I believe i just found out the difference) but have it hosted somewhere else.
    I did not use it much and went back into dashboard after about a year. There are 8000 spams waiting to be approved. I deleted / marked as spam/trashed about 2000 then I got a
    “This website is currently over capacity of existing hosting package.
    Please contact the hosting provider for upgrade options.

    So now I am wondering how this happened since no new images etc were added?
    Do I need to get a instead?
    I am confused



    If your blog is self-hosted then you’re posting to the wrong forum. This is, you need for self-hosted blogs. Here’s the page for the forums:

    and to understand the difference between and, click this:

    There are a couple of links at the bottom of that page that’ll give you extra info too.

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