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  1. Hi- I am trying to link to another blog to my writing and I cannot because I have lost the toobar with the link and font squares on it. I need this for class, please someone help me get it back!!!

    All i have is the Title and body boxes, when I write a new blog, where do I go to find that toolbar?

    Thank YOu to anyone who can help me!!! MightyMo

  2. Sorry, Mo, little confused as to what you've lost here.

    When you go to your blog there's an option to go to "site Admin" or "login" under META in the sidebar.

    This will take you to the dashboard where you can then select write post.

    Is it the buttons there that are missing for things like bold and italic, link etc?


  3. Collin, yes those are the buttons that are missing when I try to write. Any way that I can get them back?

    Thanks For the Help.. Mo

  4. Two things you can try:

    1. Turn off TinyMCE (If you're using it) and see if that fixes it. Even temporarily.

    2. Send feedback to the dev team.

    I'm not sure it's something that we (the volunteers) can help fix.


  5. I had exactly the same problem. Searching the documentation and these forums did not help... and then, I found the very simple fix.

    Go to the "Content" box of your "Page" or "Post" from your "Dashboard". Right click inside the box and as if by magic the tool bar returns.

    Wish I had discovered that an hour ago. Would have saved a lot of hand coding.


  6. The rightclicking in the post box worked for me .

    Joseph Cheng

  7. purpleballerina

    i can't see it despite the right clicking.. ;(

    does it matter if i'm using a mac osx?

    please help, thanks!

  8. I guess you're using Safari then? Have a search of the forums, there's a couple of threads today about people having the same problem. Unfortunately, not having a Mac, I don't know the answer.


  9. If you're using Safari, the issue is with the browser as it doesn't not fully support WYSIWYG. I pointed to a thread a few weeks where the creators of the rich text editor, TinyMCE, were working with the Safari support team on the support iccues but that article was over a year ago.

  10. Try press "Shift" key & click the "refresh" button

  11. my toolbar is also missing the right click magic doesnt work for me either

  12. How about the rest of the suggestions made in this thread? like clearing your cache and forcing a reload of your (which ever one you are using but didn't mention) browser?

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