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Toolbar changes

  1. How do I clear my stats off my tool bar?
    Blog url:

  2. If you mean the grey toolbar at the top of the page, those can't actually be removed.

    Only you will see them, though. Your visitors won't.

  3. Thank you. How do I view what my visitors will see?

  4. Also, I am trying to upload pictures from my IPAD but it fails to upload. I have tried changing the size of the image but that doesn't seem to help. I'm not sure what the problem is or how to fix this.

  5. Howdy,

    You can log out of to get an idea as to what logged-out visitors will see.

    As for uploading photos from iPad, have you tried the new WordPress for iOS app?

  6. Thank you. I have downloaded the new app, it is saying that I have a bad log in/combination.

  7. Are you entering as a blog?

    If so, make sure that you used the same username and password as you used to log in to this forum.

  8. Thank you! I have a few questions about my post entitled Bali. The first is about the photo that is my header. I'm not sure why that picture became my header photo. When I uploaded my photos, this one was put at the top. How do I remove it? Also, how do I get rid of the space between the photos? The pictures at the beginning don't have that space, and I would like it if that space were not there. Lastly, how do I put captions under the photos?

  9. I assume you're referring to

    It looks like you've solved the header image problem.

    Space can't really be added between photos in this case, but the captions will help with the spacing.

    To add a caption, edit the post, click on the image, then click on the left icon (the one that doesn't look like a Delete icon). This will bring up the image settings where you can add a caption.

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