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    We are rolling out a major revision to the Toolbar Notifications system. If you see any strange behavior please post about it below and we’ll try to fix it up immediately.

    Thanks for your help.



    Saw the new system for a moment yesterday (“Notifications” tab + new icons).

    Looks great! Can’t wait to see it working.




    Will do and thanks for the warning. :)



    @trzciniak Thanks! We’re really excited about the improvements, and it is actually a bigger change behind the scenes than it appears.

    We ran into a few glitches scaling it to all of which made us worried about leaving it running for the weekend. But we hope to have it turned back on shortly. Stay tuned…



    Is it possible the sudden flood of email notifications of new comments is related to all this?

    When I discovered my inbox flooded with email, I went snooping and discovered the new default setting is to receive an email whenever a comment is left. Like many people, I’m not happy with that, or with the effort required to get rid of those emails, one by one. I certainly do hope it’s an unintended consequence of whatever’s happening behind the scenes.



    The comment notification emails are part of a separate project.



    @jblz ~ I’m sorry to hear that.

    I know there’s a tendency for many of us to rant when these changes come down, but whatever the benefit to WP, there’s a lot of downside for those of us who use the platform.

    I honestly think the designers and coders don’t realize how inexperienced and non-tech savvy some (many) readers are. It took me ten minutes to figure out a workaround to the new default. It’s irritating, but at least a solution. On the other hand, some of my readers already are flummoxed, and as hard as I work to develop strong dialogue with my readers through comments, it’s distressing to me.

    WordPress has offered many, many good tips for getting more comments. I think allowing people to subscribe to comments when they please is an important part of encouraging comments.



    My inbox is swamped with others’ comments too. I hope WordPress listens to its bloggers and reverses this ill-advised change. There is nothing that will drive me from ever commenting on another WordPress blog faster than this. And frankly, I suspect my readers will feel the same way. If this doesn’t change, I’ll take my blog off WordPress.


    I’ve had a blog for almost two years now. The change to the default comment notification setting is the first thing that’s made me regret the decision to host my blog here. Most people don’t look at the notification checkbox when leaving comments; I really hate that many of my readers will now be spammed with unwanted notifications whenever they comment on my blog.



    Toolbar notifications and comment notifications are two separate projects, as noted above. There are a dozen or so threads to choose from on the Comment Notification issue.



    Somewhere along the line someone must have a big enough picture to realize that revisions to one part of the system can have implications for another part of the system. When there are two separate projects that affect how bloggers receive notifications of comments it is almost guaranteed to cause problems. Surely someone is looking at how the effects of the two projects are related.



    The default comment notification setting is really irritating. Please remove it.



    When I have a notification of a comment, in my toolbar, I can’t anymore open it! Some weeks ago, I could read directly the comment from the toolbar, now I can’t do it anymore. When I click on the “icon” to see what the reader said, it closes the notification list.
    ..hope you understand my English.
    Thank you!

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