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Toolbox gone?

  1. I saw a post a little earlier mentioning Sandbox and Toolbox. Sandbox is still available, but Toolbox can't be found when searching themes, and on its page is listed as retired. The page mentions _s, but all the links are for the GitHub/.org version.

    Is Toolbox retired? Is it being replaced? Is underscore coming to

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Please see what Staff macmanx says about "retired themes" in this thread

  3. Hm, it is definitely retired, but we don't have any plans to offer _s here as of yet.

    Sandbox is very similar to Toolbox and hasn't been retired yet. You might want to try that for now.

  4. Thanks for those replies, maybe I need to rewrite my question, especially in line with the response on another thread...

    Your choice is just about right. Toolbox comes, in a way, as a newer and modernized Sandbox, coded in HTML5 with latest web practices in mind. Toolbox would be a more solid and forward looking choice for you to start with.

    So Toolbox has gone, underscore isn't arriving yet... and I'm not sure I want to head back to Sandbox.

    The recent email regarding business websites was interesting, but I'm not sure if there is a good generic business theme. Some specific business types are well catered for, but I need a theme for a business who have virtually no photos ( so there goes the portfolios), no products (it's a service industry) and will write few posts other than the occasional news items. They want it quick, cheap and easy to use themselves. fits, but picking a theme which works isn't easy, especially if we only have Sandbox as a framework theme. Suggestions?

  5. I brought this up to our Theme Team after we chatted, and _S is here, just not in name.

    Most of our recent in-house themes are built on _S, like and

    When you start using Custom Design, you have the option to either add to a theme's CSS or replace it. Basically, these themes are some very fancy CSS on top of _S. Replace the CSS, and you have an _S-powered blank slate.

  6. I saw Superhero after I last posted, and like it. Publish looks good too, as a sep up from _S's minimalism. I have a better look at both.

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