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Tools disappeared from Write page

  1. I'm doing a new post, but all the tools (Boldface, italic, Link, etc.) are gone: just a place to enter the text. No tabs either (Compose, HTML). I assume that this is just temporary...

  2. Same thing for me, plus the pictures... I tried uploading to test... and there was a message that they are working on somthing. The team is probably quite busy, because I was not even able to log on at all, a few minutes ago.

    We will surely see a note explaining what is happening, because the service level is allway great here !

  3. I have them, but there seem to be a few issues right now. After a string of 500/503 system errors, I finally got through, published an entry successfully, but find the categories have gone from the blog and from "Manage", but not from the "post an entry page", and my header picture isn't appearing. Hope all works well again soon. Past experience suggests the people here will be on to it quickly :-)

  4. Yeah, the post page is currently (probably just for a few minutes) completely HTML. Fortunately, I also have BlogDesk, free and very nice indeed, so I just wrote the post there and uploaded it. Worked like a charm.

  5. I love BlogDesk and I recommend it to everyone at every chance I get. One can upload as a draft or as a published post. One can upload now or postdate it for the future. One can also save a copy to their own computer before exercising either of those options. And no matter what may go wrong at the wordpress end those who have created their posts on BlogDesk are smiling. :)

  6. Yep, things have been a complete mess for me too, starting with the 500 System Errors thing for a long time and now the post page as only HTML. (Also, though the 500 message said to contact support, only got the 500 error for support as well!!!). Also, my stats have been so uncharacteristically low for the last few hours, that it appears few people have been able to access my site for a while. Don't know what's happening with WP right now. Also seems that WP news is down too!

  7. Along with the editing problem I also noticed that all of my posts are being listed as Uncategorized.

  8. In times like this flooding sysadmin with "what's up messages" is not the way to go. They are busy - going nuts trying to correct the situation. I recommend patience and doing as little to tax the system as possible until everything is running smooth again.

  9. Oh my...all of my posts are listed as Uncategorized also. I wonder how that will be fixed! I appreciate your call for patience "timethief", but shouldn't WP have some way of posting just a brief, brief note for us about what's going one??

  10. This is probably not the way they wanted to spend their Saturday night.

  11. I notice the categories are still ticked on each individual post when you go to edit one, and a search by category -- for example on my own blog still works, so the disappearance of categories is not complete.

  12. Categories and pics are back, it seems. Thanks, people :-)

  13. All is well. Tools have returned. :)

  14. We had some problems this evening and in the middle of fixing them we accidentally broke categories and the rich text editor. Everything should be working now, however, so if you have any issues, please send them via feedback. Thanks!

  15. Thanks much for fixing everything!!

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