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    I have a blog on Hubspot (a marketing product) that I’d like to import to WordPress. The documentation says there’s an RSS importer tool available, but I don’t see it in Tools->Import. Instead, those only have specific blog platforms.

    Which Import tool can I use to import an RSS file?

    The blog I need help with is



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    Hi there,

    You can follow blogs using RSS in the Reader, but this is not an import tool — it is for following new posts on other blogs.

    We have a full guide for importing blogs here: Import

    If we do not have an importing tool for your particular platform, you will need to try and convert it into one of the accepted formats so that you can use the proper importer.

    Also, as timethief mentioned, please make sure that your blog meets our terms of service, especially the types of allowed blogs mentioned here:



    To help other people out, here’s the solution. For some inexplicable reason the product doesn’t support importing from an RSS feed. The self-hosted product does support this. The solution is to install WordPress somewhere (or use a VM from bitnami). In there you’ll find Tools->Import->RSS feed. You may need to install this add-on.

    1. Download your RSS feed into a file
    2. Import it into your installed WordPress
    3. Export into the WordPress format
    4. Import this into your blog

    I only needed to import posts, not comments. It didn’t capture authors or tags. But it’s good enough for me. Hope this helps.

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