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    I have a long running issue that I’ve posted about in the past to no avail. No one ever has an answer yet the problem still exist.

    When I do my monthly review of statistic for the blog, there is a measure I use that I believe is named “Top Author”. We have several authors on our blog, so this is a great stat to keep track of who is being read.

    I’ve used this stat for a few years now but the problem is that sometimes it shows up in my stats and sometimes it does not.

    Can anyone explain why it comes and goes?
    It’s extremely frustrating.
    Thanks for your feedback.

    The blog I need help with is



    I go to stats by clicking the stats graph icon along the top menu bar and i go there by clicking the stats link on the left side column. i’ve refreshed and refreshed and refreshed those pages to no avail.

    now, suddenly, top authors has reappeared.




    Hi there, sorry about the frustration. I was able to find your Top Authors stats by following these steps:
    1) Go to!/my-stats/
    2) Scroll down to the bottom where “Top Authors” are shown
    3) Click on “Summaries” – from there, you can see the stats for 7 days, 30 days, etc.

    Is this how you access the Top Authors stats, too? When you say that your Top Authors stats are not showing, do other elements of the Stats page load correctly? A screenshot would help me better understand the issue and assist you, if you could upload one to your Media Library.



    Yes, that is how I access Top Authors. I always scroll down on the stats overview or summary page (not sure what it’s called) and then click Summary on whatever item I want to focus in on. Top Authors, if it decides to show up, is on the bottom left column of the overview page.

    On that stats overview page though, sometimes Top Authors shows up, sometimes it does not.

    You happened to catch it when it was there. Like I commented above, it was not there last week, then eventually it decided to show up.

    This is a long running issue. I’ve posted in these forums before about the same thing but cannot find that older post.



    I can certainly understand that this is frustrating. I would love to reproduce your issue, and it would really help if you could take a screenshot and the exact details (browser, how you accessed your Stats page, what you clicked and in what order). Sorry I am not able to help you more at this moment, I’ll be happy to troubleshoot once I have more details.



    unnecessary.jpg is in the library

    Mac OS 10.6.8
    Firefox 17.0.1
    Central Standard Time Zone

    1) Login to wordpress
    2) Go to Dashboard
    3) Click Stats icon at top of page OR click ‘Site Stats’ along left column menu
    4) Scroll down to bottom of various stats boxes/categories
    5) Left column of body at bottom is Top Authors (when it shows up)



    Thank you very much for the additional detail. It would also help if you could take a screenshot once you see the box missing in real time.

    I am checking it with our developers to see if they can reproduce the issue and will keep you posted once I have more information.



    Here is the status update: the “Top Authors” widgets doesn’t show up if less than two authors have received views today and yesterday, so that would explain why you sometimes see it and sometimes don’t. It’s on the developers’ list to fix, so that it shows up regardless, even if there are no author views (but I don’t have a timeframe for when it will be fixed).

    In the meantime, the workaround is to bookmark the Summary page and access your Top Author stats from there.

    Let me know if you have any further questions about this!



    AHA! Now that makes sense. It makes no sense why it is that way, but glad that it is being worked on.

    Thank you so much Jenia, for finding an answer!



    You are welcome, and thanks for your patience while helping me work it out!



    Just wanted to let you know that the above has been fixed — let me know if you still notice some weird behavior.

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