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Top bar format changed?

  1. Hi, I would like help with the top bar. I noticed today that the top bar (I don't know exactly what it's called, but it's the bar with my blog name, WordPress logo, etc) has changed. It is no longer black but blue.

    On this new top bar, there is a comment sign, my gravatar, and the WordPress logo.

    The reason I do not like this change is because I can no longer go to my Dashboard directly. I used to be able to hover over my blog name and then click 'Dashboard' but now I don't know how to get to my Dashboard.

    This blue bar appears when I'm on a main page. When I click on someone else's blog, one of the links at the bottom, or my own blog, the black bar reappears.

    How should I change the top bar back to its original black form? Or is there a way to go directly to the Dashboard of my blog without having to click on links?

    My blog is:

    Thanks in advance!

    The blog I need help with is

  2. There are a lot of ongoing changes over the last few weeks. Some people like them, others don't. There are numerous threads on this board under various topics.

  3. I was afraid of this and I have already posted my thoughts on the new Admin bar in this thread I started.

    I seriously hope that the blue Admin bar doesn't become the "norm" for the rest of the site.

  4. drheights48127

    The only way I can get to my dashboard is to go to help and then I find what I use to see and then can go to my dashboard. Please fix this or explain from the new layout how we are suppose to get to the dashboard.
    Thank You.

  5. Indeed! After about 5 minutes, I accidently found the admin bar (it popped up when I went looking through the support pages. Annoying to say the least. After multiple attempts I'm still not sure how i'm supposed to go about locating it.

  6. My solution: I've bookmarked my dashboards and I've added them to the bookmarks bar of my browsers. This way I have one-click access and I never have to worry where WP put things this month.

  7. I strongly dislike the fact that accessing the dashboard has become MUCH more complicated. I have to click on my avatar, then on manage my blogs, then finally on the dashboard to arrive there: 3 clicks.

    In the old view, it was only one click and you would arrive directly at the dashboard.

    I hope someone is reading this and will think for him- or herself and see that this new change isn´t practical at all.

  8. @klausming

    Pictures of how to log in:
    search for login on Google, then click on "log in"
    screen to put in username and password
    click on your gravatar
    manage blogs—>choose blog—>(fly-out menu) choose—>dashboard

  9. Thanks everyone! I'll follow justpi's advice and bookmark the page. I really appreciate all your help and do hope that someone reads this and changes the top bar back to the old one! :D

  10. Thanks Tess, seems a long way around. I kinda liked it better when it just appeared when I logged in :)

  11. I bookmarked my dashboard links just like justpi said above.

  12. Thanks justpi, i've used your solution - works like a charm.

  13. :)

  14. Since I generally log-in through the forums, it's not been an issue for me yet, but it will be if that blue bar we see in on the homepage becomes the default Admin bar for the entire site.

    As many of us have multiple sites, just the idea of having to navigate every time to the homepage first to get to our various dashboards makes me nauseous. In any event, it's all speculation until we see it live (surprise!).

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