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    Hi – no sure what to call them but is there any way to change the top bar links? Right now I have a button that links to ‘Home’ and nothing else. Can I add links to this? Can I change the ‘Home’ link to link to another site?

    I’m using the Contempt theme.

    Thank you!



    Okay…I added a new ‘Page’ called Testing and now that is showing up. I’m getting closer.

    However, can I create a link in that bar that when clicked simply links someplace else and not to a page I’ve created in WordPress? I’m going to try and put in a javascript redirect in the Page content area…I will find out if that works.

    Also, can I eliminate the ‘Home’ link?



    Nope – inserting a Javascript redirect in the page (under the code tab) didn’t work.

    Any thoughts as to just add links to other sites across the top bar and not to pages they are supposed to be attached to in WP?




    Please spend some time reading the FAQs rather than wasting your time trying things that cannot be accomplished at
    This will also be helpful Beginner’s Guide

    You cannot eliminate your “home” page as it’s coded into the theme and we cannot access the file for our underlying templates and edit them at If we could then everyone with the same theme hosted by would find their blogs likewise changed. You can “hide” pages – see the FAQs

    The nature of your questions seems to point towards you wishing to have the kind of control over your theme that you cannot have here on a multiuser hosted blog. IMO you should read the “Please read me first” sticky post at the head of the forum that states the differences between and (different software – different services).

    It sounds very much to me like you will be happier if you hire a web host and download software.



    If you simply want to add links to your Blogroll then here is where to do that Dashboard -> Manage -> Blogroll.

    If you want to create a page -> Write -> Page and then include links on it then consult the FAQs for instructions

    Can I change the ‘Home’ link to link to another site?

    Note: If you intended to use your blog primarily to drive traffic to another sites then please note that blogs cannot be used primarily to re-direct to third party sites. This is stated in Section 2 – 5th bullet down of the Terms of Service.



    Short answer is no, those links along the top are only for your Pages that you create within your blog. And end user inputted javascripts are removed form all input due to security concerns. And gotta admit that what you’re doing with the redirect is one of those security concerns.

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