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    I have opened multiple blogs on

    I named them in the same style so it sort of gives the expression its from one person. But in all of Top blogs/ Fastest Growing blogs/ Top posts only one blog gets in. I went to the “Blogs Of The Day” link and my other blogs weren’t listed at all in the list.

    I think filters out by the userID. I would like to request not to filter out by userID so multiple blog owners can also listed their respective blogs if they hit the top. Otherwise this will make users to create multiple userIDs!




    Could it be that your other blogs don’t get the traffic as the first one does? does not filter on userID. I’ve had my different blogs hit the lists.


    Under “Blogs of the day” the number of listing is higher than the top/ fastest growing blogs. So I assumed that the Blogs of the day lists top 100 blogs in the order. But my other blogs were never present in there. So I put up this.

    If you say you already had your other blogs [same owner] hit the list at the same time [listing of 2 or more of your blogs], then I guess my blogs didn’t have enough traffic.

    I’m sorry for all the troubls.




    I’m curious though as to the traffic levels compared between the blogs though. It may be a bug. From mucking around with the webcomic though, I’ve gotten a good idea as to what it takes to show up there.


    I still had no avail of listing my posts/ blogs in the top lists.

    [same owner blogs multiple posts/blogs appear in the top lists at the same time]



    I suggest that you send in a feedback with a link back to this thread. And just in case you have lost the link for the Blogs Of the Day “About” page here it is



    skcsknathan001, I think you may have missed my second post in there. :) (ie What’s your traffic?)


    I post one (1) post per day on
    Few days ago one post had the count to, if I remember correctly, 15.

    this blog is not listed any of fast growing/ top blogs/ top posts. Addition to that, its not listed in Blogs of the day “”

    The blog’s name is “ஒரு கவிதை”
    Currently the blogs of the day has top 11, and my other blogs were not listed.

    Only my “ஒரு பார்வை” appear.

    Note: The list I’m talking about is the language “Tamil” “தமிழ்” listings.



    One more time.

    What’s your traffic? How many page views are you doing on each of your blogs?



    The numbers go like this
    1753 –
    460 –
    27 –
    5 –
    That’s why i gave the link back to the rules about the way botd works



    460 page views would not put you on the top list. On occasion, a have a blog that appears but nothing under 1,100 gets me in there.


    Yes, I know its kinda very low. But it doesn’t also appear under “Fastest growing blogs”.

    Anyhow, does any one owner had their multiple blogs/ posts from multiple blogs listed at the same time?

    Different blog could come up, but 2 or more blogs/ posts of the same owner came up at the same time ever?


    drmike 1100 views wow…. I was happy when I reached three digits for the first time.

    Hahaha ;)



    I think that it’s possible that we are having a language problem when communicating.
    The blogs which are listed in the categories you are speaking of have the highest numbers of visitors viewing them. The qualifications for being listed are strictly based on numbers and not on who owns how many blogs.
    Just for example there are blogs that get 1100 viewers and up every day. These blogs are on the fastest growing blogs list.



    And it doesn’t relate to how many posts you make on the blogs either. That helps people notice you and has an indirect influence on how many hits you get, but it’s number of hits that count (for top blogs), and the rate of increase of hits (for fastest growing).

    1700? I envy you.


    my post in 1paarvai got 7 hits today and its third in the TOP POSTS.

    my post in 1kavithai got 31 hits yesterday and it wasn’t listed.



    I used to have more than 1500/2000 hits back in the days (I just started a couple of months back though) and my blog used to appear in the top 10 list but I kind of got lazy and nowadays I update it twice a week or so.
    Though the quality of my posts has been consistent, I was unable to continue blogging everyday.
    So, my advice for folks is: be consistent and maintain quality.




    just today i have 2300 hits and im not even in the top 100 blogs.

    what’s going on.

    one of my posts has 900 hits and its not in the top 100 posts.

    am i being excluded cuz im ugly?



    drmike wrote earlier:

    460 page views would not put you on the top list. On occasion, a have a blog that appears but nothing under 1,100 gets me in there.

    Maybe that’s it.



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