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    I’m sorry people… but the list I’m talking about is NOT the English list.

    I’m talking about the language “Tamil” [ta] list.

    Anyhow, I’ll wait until I get more than 1,100 hits and lets see after that.

    Thanks a lot guys

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    I presumed the rules and the way things were done would be the same for every language. I’m puzzled as to why you think they should differ in any way language by language and would like to encourage you to send in a feedback.



    I already sent a feedback and no answer.

    anyhow, I just noticed another site with 565 hits got its post at the top posts.



    How can I know if my blog is excluded from the wordpress lists for «Mature or objectionable content»? I can see blogs in the «greek» list with 30 hits (!) and not mine…



    IMO you could send in a feedback directly to sysadmin or and email to and get the answer to your question. IMO it’s highly unlikely that you will get an anwswer to it here.



    eteraz, you’re showing up in my Top Posts table on the Dashboard page, and I’m quite sure I’ve seen you on the Top Blog or Fastest Growing list. Maybe there’s a lag time?



    eteraz made this post on the 10th when the stats were “funky” and being worked on.



    Some clarifications:

    BOTD and “Stats” are entirely different beasts. They do not share code or data. The only correlation is that they are both triggered, in part, by page views.

    The Top Posts and Fastest Growing lists are based on complex mathematical curves with many factors, of which your traffic is only one.

    As a blogger there’s no reason to worry about your BOTD ranking. It’s there to help people find stuff to read. It’s not there to tell you how cool you are. :-)



    my question was

    Does any one owner had their multiple blogs/ posts from multiple blogs listed at the same time?

    Different blog could come up, but 2 or more blogs/ posts of the same owner came up at the same time ever?

    1) let’s say one owner has 2 blogs, Could one post from blog_1 and another post from blog_2 show up in the top lists AT THE SAME TIME?

    2) let’s say one owner has 2 blogs, Could blog_1 and blog_2 show up in the top lists AT THE SAME TIME?

    I have a feeling single owner cannot have his/her multiple blogs listed in the top list AT THE SAME TIME. Its always ONE blog.



    *chuckle* Tx andy



    skcsknathanc(whew, that’s quite a handle!), The answer to your question is yes. I write on two blogs. Posts from both blogs have, every once in a while, appeared on the top posts listing at the same time.

    And Andy, that’s a great point and a very nice reality check: the top posts/blogs listing is a good place to go to see what’s up on WordPress. Better still, though, is the new related tags feature, which I’ve been playing around with and have used already to find some nice sites. Thanks for that.



    Andy is actually the coolest of the cool today with the top post.

    Cleaning up un-needed code is a favorite of many of us, apparently.



    skcsknathan001: BOTD does not prevent two of a user’s blogs from appearing in one list. BOTD does not store any data about the user.

    It does prevent two of a blog’s posts from appearing in one list.



    Im sure that BOTD works incorrectly. I know some other blogs with lower traffic, less posts or comments than my blog but they are listed in BOTD and mine has never ever listed in BOTD or Fastest Growning (Im mentioning about “vi” BOTD not “en”). (My blog has about 300 visitors per day, and nearly 1.000 hits in first month created).

    So, i don’t know how BOTD works, who can tell me?

    Is is happens with users who have many blogs?



    Not all popular blogs generate comments; some kinds of people are commentors, and some aren’t and they’re attracted by different kinds of blogs.

    I don’t think I made it into the top blogs with fewer than 500 hits.



    Hmmm… have never made top blogs but I have on occasions (I think 2-3 times) made top the top 100 in English, which at the same time was great and admittedly a little asburd :)



    What ANDY said contradicts what you said

    “It does prevent two of a blog’s posts from appearing in one list.”

    Anyhow, thanks guys.



    I’m sorry sksknathan. That wasn’t at all clear. What I meant is that I write two entirely different blogs (different names, different sites). When you do that, your posts on the different sites may end up on the BOTD listing. What Andy is talking about, I think, is that only one post at a time from the SAME blog might be on the BOTD listing.

    But Andy’s larger point remains the same: have fun, don’t worry about where you are on that listing, but use it as a tool to find interesting blogs.


    my other blog “1kavithai” got 107 views yesterday only. Total hits passed 1,200. Yet this blog is not listed in any top/fast growing posts/blogs. Only my other blog “1paarvai” is listed, even in Blogs of the day, which has top 11 blogs!


    Finally, a post from another blog of mine showed up on Top Posts. This blog I created yesterday and got 19 views. I guess this sudden rise made it appear. Weird method to calculating TOPs ha.

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