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    Hello :)

    I’m trying to create secondary categories added to the main categories on my site. In the dashboard everything looks fine, but the changes I’ve made don’t show on the page after saving.

    The theme I use is Mystique. I know it’s a retired one. Could it be that it does not support Top level and second level categories?

    Thanks in advance! :)

    The blog I need help with is


    Hello! Child categories don’t display in a Category cloud widget, but will in the regular Catgory widget if you check the “show hierarchies” box.



    I don’t have the hirarchy box in my widget. Just the “count sub-categories to post total”


    On a test site using Mystique, in the Customizer I added the Categories widget to the default sidebar. When I opened the widget to customize it, I have the same options as shown in the support document I linked to under “configuration“. If your Category widget shows something different in the Customizer, please make a screenshot and upload it to your site’s Media Library or elsewhere on the web and share the image link here.

    Can you give an example of Parent/top category with a Child/secondary category on your site? Here is a top category

    Does that category have a secondary category under it?



    That one actually doesn’t, but “Breataine Moire” does. I linked it just today. “Breataine Moire” -> “Szkocja”.

    That’s how it shows in the dashboard but not on the page.

    Here is the screenshot you asked for:

    My categories wigdet is in the Default sidebar.


    Hello again. Thanks for providing a screenshot.

    What you show is the Category Cloud widget. You need to use a different widget, the regular Category widget to display the secondary categories. (screenshot)

    Please see my first answer to you above and click the link there to learn more. :)


    Forgot to link the screenshot.



    @yourwpcomcierge – Thanks so much! :) I’ve got it now :)

    I never knew there we TWO Category widgets in WP.

    Thanks a bunch! :)


    You’re welcome! Glad I could help out. :)



    Just one more thing… In the dahboard, the number of posts in one parent category is 37, while on the page that number is 53.

    Why is that so?


    Hi celtpetrus,

    the number of posts in one parent category is 37, while on the page that number is 53

    Are you referring to the category ‘Breataine Moire’? If so, where are you seeing the number 53? Please make a screenshot of where you are seeing it using these steps:

    The screenshot can then by uploaded to your Media Library and I’ll take a look.




    That’s the one. Right now it’s at 54, becase I’ve added a post in the meantime.


    Thanks — I’ll look into this and come back to you once I know more.


    Hi celtpetrus,

    I’ve been looking into this issue but haven’t been able to replicate it. I noticed you have removed the Categories widget from your site now — if you decide to add it back again, please let me know so I can continue testing.




    Don’t worry if you can’t replicate it :) I’ve found another way around the issue, that’s why I removed the widget.

    And yes, I will let you know :)

    Thanks for all your help thus far :)


    You’re very welcome :)

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