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Top Click vs Top Posts. The Differences?

  1. Hi there,

    Top Click vs Top Posts. What are the differences between the widgets?


  2. Top Clicks shows what people have clicked OUT of your blog on; they're links on your blog that people click and go away. Top Posts is the posts on your blog that get the most specific reads.

    Does that help?

  3. You can also see the difference on the Blog Stats page of your dashboard. In the right column, there is a list of top posts and a list of top clicks.

    Most of my top clicks are image files, but with what raincoaster has said, it makes me wonder why anyone would use the Top Clicks widget. Isn't that like saying, "Hey, want to find something interesting somewhere else? Try these! Now go away!" ?

  4. Stats nerds and those who analyze website usage patterns are fascinated by that sort of thing. It's critical if you host ads, although we don't here.

  5. I understand that, but why would you want to advertise them in your sidebar? Doesn't matter anyway.

    Do you ever sleep? ;)

  6. Yes, in the daytime. And I have no idea why you'd want to advertise them in the sidebar; apparently people want to know this stuff and boast about it. Me, I'm all for making people click all over my blog before leaving. If I had enough duct tape, I'd tape their heads to the monitor. But that's just me.

  7. Okay thanks.

  8. You're welcome. Sorry we kind of hijacked your thread :)

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