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Top clicks widget

  1. This seems not to be working at the moment, giving a "none" result when my admin page tells a different story. Been like this around 48 hours.

  2. thelifeofmarkwhitecotton

    There is about a 48 hour lag-time on top clicks. So if the clicks you're seeing on stats are more recent than that, they may not show. Do you have clicks from a couple of days ago? Cuz, then I could see where there is a problem.

  3. On for example there are at least 10 clicks every day from today back to 8 May but "none" still shows on the widget.

  4. Same on - has been showing 'none' for almost a week now, while the stats show clicks every single day. I think something in the functionality broke, and I'm considering just removing the widget temporarily until it's fixed.

  5. Have those of you who are having trouble with it contacted support? Sometimes they read here but not always and probably not every thread.

  6. openanthropology

    I also wanted to confirm that I am having the same problem -- on my blog stats page there are numerous clicks for every day, but none have appeared for at least week now on the blog itself.

  7. It's NOT working guys and it WON'T ! So forget about putting top picks widget on your blog coz it's useless.


  8. You may be right, baba1342. I think I will remove it for the time being.

  9. Me too! It's not working on mine as well...

  10. I'd love to have it come back

  11. Yeah, it's not working here either or for my husband. We've both deleted ours.

  12. This has not been working for about a month but my dashboard indicates a different story. It used to work, but suddenly stopped..... and support is closed for the weekend.

  13. We've fixed the bug with the Top Clicks widget. As your cache clears out, it should start displaying the links again.

  14. christopherramey

    has anyone had a problem with an erroneous phantom hyperlink that shows up in your top clicks (on multiple days)? in other words, i have a top clicks that is not an actual hyperlink i inserted on my blog, but it shows up in top clicks, like i put it there and people clicked on it. it's weird. even weirder, the link is to another wordpress blog whose name partly shares my blog's name. any connection? very weird.

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