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    Hi there,

    does anyone know if there is a widget existing or planned which shows the blog’s top commentators? I know there are some for the free WordPress blogs, but I haven’t found any official solution for Would be a great feature for motivating readers to take part in a discussion.

    Thanks in advance




    Do you have a hosted blog?

    If you have downloaded software from wordpress. org then you are posting in the wrong forum. We run on different software and in that case you need to post here

    At wordpress. com there is Recent Comments widget that is not available in the widgets for installs. At there isn’t a widget planned for Top Commentators that we volunteers are aware of.

    If you have a hosted blog you can request one by contacting staff during support hours And in the meanwhile, you could use a text widget and design it to include the linked names of your Top Commentators.

    HTH :)



    Hm, seems I’ll have to do that manually. :-( But thanks anyways!

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