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Top features missing in

  1. In my opinion these are the top features missing in


    Being able to redirect all existing subscribers from http://yourblog/feed to your feedburner address. And making that feedburner address be the autodiscovery address for new subscribers.

    Today you cannot know how many subscribers you have.

    2) A JAVASCRIPT ENABLED SHARETHIS TYPE BUTTON (options not shown on new page but on a layer onclick or onmouseover):

    * That can be configured to include the social sharing services you are interested in (in my case some international and some Spanish:,,,, and

    * And that can be automatically added at the end of each post

    What do you think? I wish had a list like Dell's ideastorm where we could vote for feature requests (and see which the most popular are.

  2. 1) Even with Feedburner, you cannot know for sure.
    2) already offers Addthis:

  3. I vote for dynamic blogrolls (not to sound like a broken record, as I just added a post on this, but it changes the way one blogs forever).

  4. 1) I don't like being told that I will use this feed service or that feed service. You force me into a certain feed service and I'll wave goodbye to your blog and never look back.

  5. Thanks for the comments. My replies:


    1) Yes, but I think it is better than having subscribers split between feedburner and wordpress (which is what happens to me now: I have an RSS icon linking to feedburner; some people click on that icon but others use the browser autodiscovery which takes them to the wordpress feed)

    2) Yes, but it opens the sharing links in a new window instead of a layer and it does not let you personalize which links you want. Also since it is not really integrated if someone shares a post from your blog's homepage, what they will be sharing is not the permalink of that post but your homepage URL


    1) I agree completely, sorry for not being clear: I meant I would like to have a feedburner integration option (never a "no choice")

  6. If you add the AddThis button to your post it will give you the exact URL of that post. I agree that the new window is a bit annoying, but it still works.

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