Top level menu tabs have disappeared along with all their static pages?

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    My static top level menu tabs have disappeared along with the many static pages beneath them. Why has this suddenly happened and how do I get them back? I’ve tried to add them back, but there seems to be a limit as to how many pages I can now show.

    The blog I need help with is



    Hi there,

    I see your top-level menu and the sub menu items. I see that you were deleting nav items recently, which may have caused the issue. Does anyone else have access to your blog? Did you recently switch themes? That could have been the root issue. If neither of those were the cause, other issues could be a cache that needs to be cleared; here is more information about how to do that:

    Are there other menu items that aren’t showing up that should be?

    Thanks for the clarification!


    Thank you so much for contacting me. I really appreciate the help with this matter. After repeatedly scouring the forums and internet for any info, I felt my only recourse was to begin from scratch and create a new menu and replace, one by one, each page (sub menu items). Even though I was able to reposition many of the pages, it appears that it will not support any more than 85 in total. But the day before this all happened — an no to both answers 1. no one else has access to the blog and 2. I have not switched themes ever — I had a total of 159 sub menu pages. I have cleared the cache a half dozen times to no effect and logged in from other computers using different browsers (I find Google Chrome to be most effective for me).
    Now, every time I add a new page under any of the sub menus, whatever is at the bottom disappears. One replaces the other.
    Any other thoughts?
    Again, many thanks for your support.



    Hi there,

    There is a technical explanation, and I’m not sure it’s helpful but we upgraded some software on our servers and this affected the way the custom menus worked. We rolled back last night, so this should be resolved for you. We will upgrade again once we can fix this issue. Could you check again and see if it’s still happening to you?



    I’m now just able to add the static pages back to their sub menus, one by one. Thank you.
    Are you also saying that this will happen again with another software upgrade?



    Not at all – It happened once because it was unforeseen; it’s definitely foreseen now!

    I’m very sorry that this caught you up, I personally apologize. We never want to make things harder for our users.


    I appreciate the sentiment and agree. It has been a headache to add the pages back – still not finished – but I’m grateful the issue has been solved. I absolutely do not wish to encounter the glitch again. Here’s to a glitch-free 2013!
    Thank you again.



    Cheers to a glitch-free 2013 and beyond!

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