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    Is it possible to make it the top navigation menu buttons appear with a different color or a shiny layer when someone passes the mouse over them and/or clicks on them? Would this be done through CSS?


    The blog I need help with is


    You need to declare a hover color or use a background image that can repeat in the x direction. Due to the red area and the placement of the nav

    #pagenav a:hover {
    background: none no-repeat scroll 0 0 green;

    You’ve got some work to do adjusting things so that the text is centered vertically in the background color.



    If I decide to put a white color when hovering, how could I change the color of the text so it becomes red when hovering?

    If I insert an image, where on the code you gave me do I put it?



    Just adding
    color: red;
    to the #pagenav a:hover above should do it. (you can of course use the hex color code as well.



    Thanks a lot.


    You’re welcome.

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