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    The top navigation bar used to slide up out of view but now does not. More annoyingly, I present pages to show tables that are sized to just fit vertically on full-screen (to do with a motor-racing predictions game – non-commercial), and the bar still appears in full-screen mode, May I argue that the old arrangment was simply better? Anyone looking at the tables if logged into WordPress, including myself, permanently has part the display area obscured. I fail to see what the advantage is. The bar was always there if one scrolled up, and I have never used it except if on something like Dashboard, not on the blog itself.

    Obviously, someone thought this was a good idea for some reason that fails me. Any chance it could be re-considered, or some setting offered to chose between old and new? About half the people visiting the tables are bloggers and probably logged in obscuring part the table, and for that matter, why does it appear if I visit someone else’s blog? I did not mind so much when it slid up with the page but this now means any logged in WordPress blogger visiting another WordPress blog will always have part the screen obscured, even in full-screen. This does not seem desirable or helpful.

    Perhaps those that came up with the idea thought it would aid functionality to have it permanently on view but have not realised it is a pain if it clogs the browser-display-area when so often unneeded and so often when visiting each others’ blogs.

    The blog I need help with is

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