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Top navigation bar - order of buttons

  1. Hi!
    I'd like to change the order of the buttons in the navigation bar. As I understand, they automatically appear in alphabetical order. But I don't like my "contact"-button somewhere in the middle of the bar. It's supposed to be last in line. ;)

    The blog I need help with is

  2. The Support documents include this:

    And this is informative:

  3. Thank you!
    ... but all the "menu" site allows me to do is create a new menu. Everything else is grey and can't be clicked on. My theme is Twenty ten and is supposed to support the custom menu feature, though.
    The "pages"-section in the menu-site shows only "recent", "show all" and "search".

  4. If you don't see these modules for on the left side of your screen
    "Theme Locations Custom Links Posts Pages Categories Tags "
    go up to Screen Options (top right) and make sure the items are checked.
    Then you should be able to check the pages you want and add to menu.

  5. I checked it all now, but all the fields stay inactive except "create menu".

  6. Did you type in a name for your custom menu, then press "create menu"?
    That will activate the items in the page module (and the others).

  7. Sorry, my english isn't so good and I noticed I chose the wrong wording: I SEE all the modules on the left side, but they are pale.

    I don't want to CREATE a menu, I just want to change the order of the existing pages (= menues"?).

  8. But in order to change the order of the existing pages, you have to create a custom menu with the pages in your own order.

    So in fact, you do want to create a menu.

  9. Do I understand that right: The MENU is the row of PAGES?
    Which means, I'd have to replace the existing menu with a new one? ... consisting of the same old pages?

    Can I still keep all the pages? And I would name the new menu something like "personal menu"....... and it's still custom?

    Thank you!!

  10. Yes. The menu is what readers use to get to your pages.
    Yes, you use the same old pages.
    Yes, you can keep all the pages.

    When you make a personal menu or custom menu or whatever name you like,
    then you can put your pages in any order you like.

    You can add anything with a link to your menu.

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