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    I am trying to add a new link to our top horizontal navigation at This might seem easy, just create a new page, right? Well, not exactly. I already actually have the page created that I want to use and I just want to have a tab at the top that links to that page. So basically, I want to add a “News” link right after “Home” that links to a page that displays all the “News” items that we post in our “News” category.

    Can anyone please help me here?


    There’s a sticky up top in this forum that says “8 Things To Know BEFORE Posting”.



    That doesn’t appear to be a blog.


    Nope, wordpress.ORG, 2.6.5.



    Hey rosclarke and thesacredpath, I appreciate your help in guiding me to a better answer. I am new to blogging in general and am not familiar with the difference between and I did skim the “sticky” panaghiotisadam, but I was looking for a quick answer because I don’t have a lot of time. Thanks for your help guys.

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