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Top Page Shows Only Last Post, Not Excerpts

    When I first created my blog last week, my posts would all appear as excerpts on the top page - I liked that! But I must have done something to change it, because now it only shows my most recent post on the top page. How can I get it back to showing excerpts of my several most recent posts?

    Thanks much for your assistance.

  2. Also this:

    (But, drfugawe, let me point out that your main blog page never showed excerpts - unless you changed themes. If you didn't, then what you recall is the way posts show when you click the Archives or a Category page.)

  3. Thank you panaghiotisadam, for weighting in on the matter

  4. Thanks for the responses, much appreciated.
    Teck07, I did my searching, and I had seen the "excerpt" help pieces that you pointed to, but I had NO idea of how to utilize that info! I thought I'd perhaps missed a setting or something.

    panaghiotisadam, You may be right! When I started out, I did a lot of Clicking on everything, and it's likely that's where I saw this effect. But I sure thought it was the top page.

    So, is there a way a newbee can set up the top page so it contains excerpts of my last 5 posts without resorting to learning code and programming?

    Thanks much.

  5. You can use the information in the links above to split your posts. It doesn't require programming or learning code. Just follow the instructions. And then set your home page to only show 5 posts (in your dashboard under settings > reading - show at most _ posts)

  6. Note that, in contrast to the "more" tag, the "Excerpt" method doesn't work with some themes (including the one you're using).

    Also, if you don't want to do that on a post-by-post basis, you can search for a theme that displays excerpts by default - there are some.

  7. OK folks, I'll give it a try tonight - I think your trust in my abilities may be misplaced, but I'll try.

    Many thanks for your assistance.

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