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Top Post titles are getting cut off

  1. This just started a little while ago today. For some reason the names of my posts in the Top Posts box on the sidebar are no longer showing in their entirety. Any post name that goes to two lines is now truncated with ellipses, showing, for example, as

    newfound burmese freedom

    instead of the usual:
    newfound burmese freedom
    unleashes bigotry and violence

    I've already tried clearing the cache and cookies as suggested, and restarting my browser (Firefox). In case it was a browser issue, I tried viewing the blog via IE, and the problem shows exactly the same. Oddly enough, the Recent Post titles are wrapping fully to two lines, so the issue hasn't hit the whole sidebar, just the Top Post box.

    Any ideas?? Thanks
    Blog url:

  2. so... I guess it's the "Top Post" widget gone jinky... how does one fix something like that? I tried switching to image view on top posts and then back to text view to see if that might kick out the problem. No luck.

  3. I am having the same problem. If this isn't resolved, there is no use having this widget.

  4. Hey sleepinghorse,

    Glad I'm not alone! The more of us who have the problem (though it would be nice if we didn't), the more likely WP will be to sort it out, methinks.

    I'm curious when the problem started for you? For me it was yesterday. Also, I wonder if it might be a theme-specific wrench in the works; I'm using MistyLook. How 'bout you? Thanks...

  5. Duh-- answered my own question and clicked through to your blog. So... different theme, same problem. I'm now officially out of sleuthing ideas.

  6. Mine started the same time as yours. Hope it gets fixed soon as it is rather annoying.

  7. Thanks for pointing us to the other thread, timethief. So, this is "new and improved" across the board, I gather. Joy. Let's hope for a quick fix.

  8. Staff are at one of their "meet-ups" so I expect more improvements to be happening.

  9. Hurrah! It's fixed! Thanks, Worpress!

  10. oh, for god's sake, typo. WorDpress.

  11. Wonderful!

  12. P.S., Great blog, sleepinghorse. I grew up in Wanganui, so it was great to see where you were from when I checked it out. A votre sante...

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