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Top Post Widget is broken

  1. My top post widget has 10 posts but it only shows 1 on the front page.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. If you go to Appearance > Widgets, open up the Top Posts and Pages widget, it says "Number of posts to show" can you confirm that this number is in fact 10 and not 1?

  3. It's been 10 for long. I have removed and re-added to no avail.

  4. Where it says "Display As" try showing it as Text rather than images and see if that makes a difference?

  5. I have tried all kinds of combination changes, nothing works.

  6. I'll flag it for staff to see if they know why it's not working properly.

  7. I am getting really desperate. I have gone from a perfectly working Top Post widget to a widget which would show arbitrarily chosen number of posts, even though I would set it to show exactly 10, to a widget which now doesn't show a single post. This is all after the recent upgrade as mentioned in this news. And the staff here or at the News forum, wouldn't provide satisfactory answer (forget the fact that the normal and direct support channel has been closed).

    I wonder what's been happening with the degraded support strategy at It used to be the single most effective feature of this blog platform!

  8. All 10 appear to be displaying now. It's using the posts' featured images.

  9. Yes, they are appearing now, but they weren't when I needed them the most!

    The basic problem is, as I have understood, that your new upgrade to the Top Post widget causes it to malfunction when the blog gets large number of traffic. Your response at the news article suggested that "it looks at posts with a certain number of views"

    So what are those certain number of views?

    My blog averages 3000 page views per day and the widget before and after the upgrade, has been working fine during the normal average traffic. But recently my blog averaged 5000 page views ... and the updated Top Post widget was broken exactly during those specific days of high traffic.

    There has to be a technical explanation to this if my hypothesis is correct. I would expect that the Top Post widget show exactly the number of items I select in the setting, and it shouldn't malfunction just because the blog is generating traffic above "certain number of views".

    I would appreciate a clarification and explanation of what happened and how you can guarantee that it won't happen again during the next rush hour.

    Thanks and I appreciate the time you spend in taking care of the bloggers.

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