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  1. It's about my Dashboard feature 'Top Posts - the past week'. The positions make little sense. It cannot be that a specific post from long ago sticks to the number one spot all the time, and doing so ever since I posted it, which was two years ago. It's a feature in two episodes on a long forgotten art nouveau artist. His work is nice, but certainly not sensational. Yet 'De Fidus Kunst' both part1 and part 2 are permanently glued to the top of that list.
    I don't get it. I've posted other things that were much more 'racy', or ones about better known artists. What are the mechanics behind the Top Posts tool?

  2. Yes, it's entirely possible. It's certainly what I've seen. The Top Posts widget is self-reinforcing, and once something's on it it is very likely to stay there.

  3. My "Top Posts and Pages" widget seems to be reflecting posts that are fairly recent click-to-reads. It changes constantly. From inside that widget:

    Top Posts & Pages are calculated from 24-48 hours of stats. They take a while to change.

    @sgriefwonder-Perhaps those 2 posts are just constantly being read. Age of the post doesn't matter. It's how often it's clicked on to be read.

  4. Depends on your traffic also - if you have a low traffic site it only takes a few visitors on any Post to keep it in the top number - I have used that Widget for a while and the Posts change constantly in the bottom part of the listing, if I am getting a lot of traffic to a particular Post it will stay at the top for a while.

  5. @justjennifer,
    Yes, I see fairly recent titles appear as well.

    I know a bit about how searchmachines work, but I get the idea that we know very, very little about the behaviour of internet least I do, I cannot check IP addresses for instance.

    The self-reinforcing does not explain why it has to be these particular titles.
    I've got juicy ones like (I hope I don't shock anyone) 'The sex appeal of Mr Messiah', and 'Olympian beefcake' (series on classical art), these titles pop up every now and then, but I don't get the impression that internettees are flocking. So I suspect my Top Posts tool keeps sort of hanging. On the other hand, the search terms are as fundamental as can be, we all know them: 'boobies' and anything else connected to the human form. But I sincerely thought that 'beefcake' is a fairly popular search term, lol.

    It does not cause technical problems, it was just musing.

  6. My top post has been the same post since the widget was invented (literally). I took the top posts widget out so it wouldn't always be reinforcing, but the fact is that Google has it, and isn't letting go of it. It's staying the same, because that reflects the links to that post and the ranking google has given it.

  7. Your Dashboard has a Top Posts viewed for the last day and last week - you can look at the Page Views there to sort of double check the Most Popular Widget.

  8. @raincoaster,
    So it's Google who directs the Top Posts contents? Yes, it makes sense now.

    You mean the Top Rated widget? I activated it, and it shows a handful of posts, accompanied by a 1/5 rating.
    The odd thing is, I don't carry a 'Like' button on this blog and I also do not use the Star device. So where does it get its feeds from?

  9. Not a Widget - on my main Dashboard there is a small traffic graph on the right side - it has the most popular posts daily and weekly time frame.

  10. No, all I've got there is a 'View All' button, it shows a bit more about Incoming links and visitors and referrers.

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