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    I’m sure this must have been suggested already but I can’t find a post suggesting exactly my idea.

    Instead of the “Top Posts & Pages” widget I would much prefer it if there were two separate widgets:

    1. A “Top Posts” widget that only referenced blog post entries.

    2. A “Top Pages” widget that only referenced Pages.

    Alternatively, change the current widget slightly: add a radio button to choose from 3 options: “Top Posts and Pages”; Top Posts only”; “Top Pages only”.

    The combination of Posts and Pages in the current widget is distracting and unnatural. People interested only in Posts or Pages have no way of knowing if the entry is a Page or a Post. It takes them to things they may have no interest in whatsoever.

    Nobody needs to know that my “Contact Me” Page is popular! If they want to contact me it’s easy to find since it’s prominently displayed in my menu and I have a link to it on every single one of my Pages (I’m in business – of course I want potential clients to contact me, so I make it easy for them to do so).

    But I have lots of readers who are not potential clients since I only service a very limited geographical area; those readers aren’t interested in my business, they are interested in my ideas and free educational material that I disseminate in my blog as a way of giving something back to the community. A reader in Nova Scotia is not going to be interested in hiring me – I only service clients in Perth, Western Australia! If they don’t want to contact me why on earth would they want to click on the link in the widget?

    And please! Make the Widget reference all-time statistics, not just the last day or so! My all time most popular post, a post that has had over twice as many total views as my next most popular post comes 9th on the list with the current widget! It’s gratifying to know that people are still reading a post I wrote 6 months ago, but it completely distorts the impression of the impact this post has had on my readers.

    The blog I need help with is

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