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    Hello – not important, but I am curious…

    I have read the Support about Stats and I have understood it like this: If a visitor gets to by blog via my basic blog link (, then I will get a tickymark on my welcome page (that is where I have directed such arrivals). He then clicks on a specifc month to read my posts from that month. No tickymark. He reads all the 20 posts on that page by scrolling. No tickymark. He clicks on another month for more to read. No tickymark.

    I also understand that if someone gets to my blog via a google search on a specific word, then I get a tickymark for the post in which the sought word was found.

    The conclusion I draw is that readers who like my blog and read reams of it page up and page down hardly give me any tickymarks at all in the statistics, while it is the scattered wild searches for god knows what that will add up tickymarks for me. Which means, in telephone lingo, that all the “Sorry, wrong number” calls are counted and sorted by originating area codes, while calls that really want to talk to me are virtually uncounted. (That is OK for me – I just wanted to check that I had understood it right.)

    But here is one I can not grasp: Today a PICTURE of mine, INSIDE one of my posts, was listed among Top Posts! That was most peculiar.

    As I said, this is not important, but if you have any feel for where I am at, please let me know. I would like it a lot.

    The blog I need help with is



    I’ve had that happening to me also, a picture not the actual post being in the top posts. I don’t have an answer because I haven’t been able to figure it out yet, I was thinking that maybe when someone does a google search and instead doing a search for websites they do a search for images and that’s how people are being referred to the picture not the post. Make sense? I’m interested in what others might think so thanks for asking!

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