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    This is something new that I’ve run across. For the longest time, I used the Top Posts & Pages widget to show my top 10 posts, based on likes. A few days ago, I added another copy to show my top 10 posts based on views – since the results are so different.
    Well, the one that calculates based on likes shows my top 10, while the one that calculates based on views is currently only showing my top 2. Yesterday it was showing 10 and the day before, it was showing 4.
    Is there a problem with having two copies of the same widget on my blog? I was thinking that maybe it didn’t like being there twice, even though the targeted results are different?


    The blog I need help with is


    And in the few minutes since I’ve posted this question, it started showing the top 3. This is just with the version of the widget that calculates based on views – not the one based on likes. That one has been okay.



    Our stats are not real time stats. They take hours to update so what you report is not unusual IMHO. Note that you can access top posts in the last 48 hours without sharing it on your blog by going to Dashboard -> Blog Stats.


    Thanks Timethief! Yeah, it’s not really that big a deal – just weird. I guess it is what it is :-)



    It’s the weekend so how about waiting awhile and if the widget does not update then return to this thread and type “modlook” into the sidebar tags (without the quotation marks).


    Hmmm… Still showing just 3… Very weird!



    The Top Posts & Pages widget shows the top posts over the past 2 days.

    Because Likes are static, if you have 10+ pages with Likes, there will always be 10 showing up when you sort them by Likes.

    The other option, to show top posts by views, will show the top 10 posts that have been viewed over the past 10 days if there have been 10+ posts viewed. Since you only had 3 posts viewed in the past 2 days, only three are showing up.


    Hi Jackiedana,

    That’s interesting – now I understand why it’s behaving the way that it’s behaving! Thanks for explaining that to me :-)




    Hi Mark,

    Sure thing!

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