*top posts* widget won’t display on Oulipo sidebar

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    I have added (and configured) the *top posts* widget to the sidebar on the widgets page. It sits there, but fails to show on the blog.
    Is there a limit to the number of widgets one can use with this theme? I’m already using several.
    Curious – emellesse

    The blog I need help with is wonderingmindstudio.wordpress.com.



    The URL associated with your name seems to be neither a blog at WordPress.COM nor a blog of any type. We need the URL beginning with http to the site in question to provide accurate assistance.


    Thank you – and apologies – I assumed the blog address would show up – this is a new experience for me!


    Go back to appearance > widgets and make sure that it is still showing as in the sidebar.

    Also, it calculates off of 24-48 hours, so it might take a little while for it to start showing anything.


    Thanks. It’s still showing as in the sidebar.

    I was under the impression that it would calculate from the stats of the blog’s lifetime. Is that not the case? (You mention 24-48 hours.)

    I appreciate the help.



    I just dropped the Top Posts Widget into my sidebar and it showed up populated – the 24 to 48 hours seems to refer to the time frame of the data collection – i.e. they are using some sort of recent running average to show the Posts that are the most popular over the last one or two days.

    As to why it is not showing up – above my pay grade and I will defer to others.


    It’s not lifetime for the blog, but the 24-48 hour timeframe. With lifetime, at least on the blogs I’ve been associated with the top ten posts are always the same it seems. My top post has 2500 more views than #2. The list, in my experience, if it were to calculate from lifetime would simply never change.


    Try removing the widget from the sidebar and then putting it back in and see what happens. I switched one of my test blogs to Oulipo and it showed up immediately (with no posts listed, but that is because that test blog has been private from the say I first created it, so there are no hits on anything).


    My little blog probably doesn’t get enough traffic to make the whole thing kick into gear!
    Thanks for helping though. Good learnings for me.

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