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    Hello there,

    I just started using my wordpress blog a couple of days ago. When I had a look at the blog stats I noticed something called Top Posts i.e which posts were viewed the most. What I want to know is…if a person just clicks on the url for my blog, that takes him on the latest page of my blog. That means he can view/read many posts at once. So why isn’t there a meter of views per page as opposed to Top posts? I mean, how many people click on individual posts when they can read the whole page just like that?



    then perhaps you should add a ‘more’ tag to encourage readers to click on the link to read the rest of the post, hence upping your post views. personally, i wouldn’t want to wait for the post to dl, so i often read what’s on the ‘home’ page only. on the rare occassions i click on the more tag it’s only because i’m adequately intrigued by the teaser before the more tag.



    Getting people to click a more tag is a skill in itself – (teaser writing skilllzzz and so on). I haven’t a clue how to either.

    A different but related question is whether pages are included in the “top posts”? I have pages regularly taking >200 hits/day and increasing but it could all be in vain.

    Boo hoo. Anyone?



    It does not appear to count front page views. If you want, you can install SiteMeter to track views also. They have a non-javascript way of tracking so you can just paste the HTML into a text sidebar widget or create a bookmark for it.



    Wait a minute…if people get to my blog using my url, there is no need to click on individual posts because they can read the whole text of every post, they all show up in their entirety.

    So I guess front pages views are not counted after all…

    SiteMeter…yeah, I guess. But why isn’t it included in the WordPress features? I ‘m sure everyone would welcome it.



    mutube: how do you know how many hits your page is getting? i can’t seem to find this in the blog stats at dashboard?

    liberty: front page views are counted but only as blog stats and not top posts

    … oh well, at least ppl are visiting, top post or not



    You mean that (first) graph on the blog stats page?

    What about my own visits to my blog when I ‘m not logged in?



    liberty: you’re right. for notloggedin visits, it’s counted in that graph too.



    But why isn’t it included in the WordPress features?

    Because it’s a company wanting your money and is not open source. Sitemeter would have to label their product as Open Source for it to be included.

    And it takes two seconds to add in anyway. :)



    Site meter is easy to install. Clustr maps are also easy to install.Both are free and when you combine them with what WP provides IMO they tell you everything you need to know.

    Signup for a Site Meter account and get a copy of the HTML for the account. Add a “link” in your wordpress blog that has three things;

    “URI” – Copy from the href attribute in the Site Meter HTML.

    “Link Name” – Enter ‘Site Meter’

    “Image URI” – Copy from the src attribute in the Site Meter HTML.

    Save the link and then add it to a category that has show images checked.

    I hope that is clear enought but in any case, I’ll write up some better instructions and add them to Site Meter in the next couple days.

    -=David Smith
    Posted: 2006-02-05 03:36:35 #
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