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    Haven’t found much detail on the behavior of the Top Rated Widget. It seems that the widget just looks at total rating score and disregards the number of votes (at least for page ratings). This leads to pages with low numbers of voters giving high marks (say 2 voters both giving 5 stars) beating out pages that are much more popular but with lower ratings. Is this a correct assumption?

    Was also interested in the the tie breaking mechanism. For example, if two pages both have 5 stars, what is the determining factor in the ranking (in particular the All category), age of page?

    Would be nice to have an option to factor in the number of voters to the overall rating (perhaps a checkbox in the widget that when selected changed to a rank based on a formula factoring in votes and rating…e.g. votes*rating.)

    The blog I need help with is



    The support documentation entry is found here > Top Rated Widget >



    Thanks for the quick reply and pointer. Have seen that page. It really doesn’t address detailed behavior of the widget. Have also dug around a bit on polldaddy. While it would seem that the raw data would support more options for the widget (the average rating is being calculated from something) perhaps this will be a future feature.

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