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Topic Closed - Automatically and deleted

  1. I had a question about upgrade renewal - for a different blog - logged in here as the owner of the upgrade and the forum posting was automatically closed and deleted as was the second post asking why the first one was closed


    The blog I need help with is

  2. Hello there! This seems the post you are talking about was marked as spam automatically by the bots and got closed!
    I think it has not been deleted. Only you can see that post from the original poster's account (and/or staff). You may be caught up by the spam filter. Can you see that post when logged in to OP?

  3. I can't see it. I click the link and arrive back on the front page of the forum.

  4. When logged in with the account I made the Post on I was not able to see the original Post and when I looked at the forum history of the account the Post was not in the history - the topic was marked as "closed" but when I did a refresh on the 2nd Post that I had ask what happened to the first Post - the second Post went away - I did make a copy of the original question so all is not lost - but strange behavior

    Don't know about spam as the first Post - but if a comment here is set to spam, the OP can see and read the answer but nobody else can -

  5. Does clicking the link when logged in to the OP redirects you to the forums main page?

  6. When logged in as the OP I can see the Post but I did not think I could earlier - the next question is will this be sent somewhere also

  7. When logged in as the OP I could see the Post which I did not think I could earlier - and the answer to your original question above was spammed when logged in as the OP of the other thread - so maybe it is a spam issue - but there is no way for the OP to recover from the error - since the thread is closed there is no way to flag it for the Moderators or Staff to fix - so the OP would need to open a second account to get the original account thread fixed

    Me thinks that this is a bug in the Forum software - or a feature that could be real annoying

  8. I'm a little lost as to what happened in this case since I too cannot see the post, but if the first post of a thread is either marked as spam by the system, or by one of us, it has the same effect as deleting the thread.

    I checked our spam filter and didn't see anything sitting in there from you, @auxclass.

    I did however unspam the comment from mike99362 in this thread, so it looks like something in that post triggered a spam alert. I wouldn't take it personally... timethief runs into the spam filter every so often as well. :)

    We manually review posts that are flagged as spam and unflag legit ones, so the problem should be relatively rare.

  9. @auxclass

    I had a question about upgrade renewal - for a different blog

    What was your question?

  10. scriptorobscura

    I just had the exact same problem as auxclass, and I've been having it just about every single time I've been posting in the forums lately.

    Every single time I post a topic its automatically closed and then it says: "Started 43 years ago by scriptorobscura". The topic isn't reopened for a long time and then I never get any reply. This has already happened with several topics I've posted previously.

    Sometimes when I post topics they're automatically deleted, if they aren't automatically closed, and then when I post a thread asking why it was deleted or closed that thread is immediately deleted too.

    I often get no response to my threads at all when they are reopened. I really don't know what's going on. I can't get any help in the forums if this is just happening to me every time, and I do have legitimate support issues to be addressed.

  11. scriptorobscura

    For example, I just posted a topic here and this happened to me:

    Its been happening every time lately. Have I somehow been moderated/blocked/banned from being able to post new topics in the forums? If so this is unfair. I have legitimate support issues.

  12. scriptorobscura

  13. @jackiedana - I was logged in as a different user not auxclass - see above for the other user name - Just struck me as odd that there seems to be a not recoverable action - I will log out then back in as the original user later tonight - thanks

    The original questions are below:

    1) Exactly when is the First (and other) Renewal Notices sent?

    2) This is the number of days before the actual expiration date that the notices.

    3) How many days before the expiration date can a manual renewal be triggered?

    I see references to "several" or "many" but not an actual 1st notice, 2nd notice, Final Notice your upgrade is gone today time line

    I have seen the what was I charged for at the 30 day point when Auto Renew was enabled.


  14. When logged in as the OP (as I am now) I can see the original forum Post that is closed and it shows as history

    But there is NO way to do anything with the original Post - with the thread closed no way to flag it for retrieval - and the post I made to try and retrieve the original post is now closed and has no content in it at all - sort of stuck all around - one for the developers to puzzle over in their spare time :) - the original questions I retrieved above - not even a link in the original post

  15. And when I logged in as the OP (between this post and mine above) my answer and comment was spammed again

    Maybe I should get a different user name / account name for those blogs?

  16. @auxclass and @scriptorobscura

    We're sorry you keep running into the spam filter. Please contact Akismet directly, filling out the form that will appear when you type "spam" in the text field, and choosing "I think Akismet is catching my comments by mistake" from the selections:

    Hopefully that will sort things out for the future!

  17. Also, @auxclass, I fixed something on our end that should prevent most of your other account's comments from being flagged. Why don't you give it a try?

  18. I was finally able to Post the original questions in it's own thread linked to the proper blog and I did see the post in the main section so maybe I will get the questions answered, it looks like the original postings still have the title but no content


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