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    I was talking with someone over confusion with what I paid for on a template. I was under the impression that it would allow me to change font, background colors, etc without purchasing additional software. When I found out I couldn’t I tried to return it. The return never went through, even though I have proof I was not able to get the refund because it was past the 30-day return period. Because of the circumstances the person I was discussing this with offered to send me the program you can use to change the font, background, etc that normally would cost $30 a year, for free for the first year. When I went back this conversation was closed.

    The blog I need help with is



    Hey there,
    I will tag this thread for staff assistance. Please subscribe to it so you will know when they assist you. Staff is backlogged and works through threads in chronological order. It’s best to be patient and not respond further as it will renew the thread, and you will have to wait longer before they get to your request.



    I have added the Custom Design upgrade to your account. My apologies for any confusion regarding your previous conversation with staff.


    Thank you :)



    Happy to help.

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