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    The topic search doesn’t seem to be working – has there been an update or am I missing something?

    This screen shot shows the results (or lack of) of a Topic that I’ve used thousands of times before and should definately have results in as many of my own posts are also tagged with this topic name ‘Land Rover’

    Any help much appreciated.

    The blog I need help with is



    It is even worse now. I have just put up a new post in this very topic and it is now appearing as the only post in this topic BUT is now appearing multiple times, it looks like it appears once for each time you click on the topic name in the saved topic searches…….

    I’m off back to work now so hopefully it will be fixed by the time I get back from work this evening :-)



    A screen shot of the topic search for ‘land Rover’ now showing my post a dozen times and still not showing any other posts.

    This was working fine yesterday so I’m not sure what has changed. I’m not aware of changing anything on my blog that would cause this.

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