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Topic tab AND Reader tab now disfunctional

  1. Neither the Topics tab nor the Reader tab take me to new blog postings, as of yesterday. When will this service be reinstated? For the record, I preferred the thumbnail format to the reader format for checking out blogs. I scanned new blog posting every day to make comments and draw attention of new readers to my site (as you have recommended). It worked. From a high of over 500 in one day, I am now down to just ONE view today. That is indeed significant.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Views from the Reader never counted in stats, according to The drop might be more related to the change in Google. Try pinging your posts at and seeing if it makes a difference.

  3. Is that the same for the old topics page? My experience was that readership stats increased whenever i used the topics page to make comments on other blogs. I continued this practice (less successfully) with the Reader tab. In the last two days since both have been disabled, I'm getting next to no visits.

  4. What is pinging? I said no to pinging in my setup, because on my very first post I was getting "Pinged" by pornographic sites interested in my child friendly content... Couldn't have THAT!

    Perhaps someone could rewrite the piece on how to drive readers to your site, if the previous info was incorrect. That's where I learned to use the topic tab to increase dialogue with other bloggers...

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