Topics Expiration?

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    I am not sure how to phrase this and hope I can be understood.

    I follow a handful of topics and sometimes they change with the seasons as I am interested in different birds at different times. Each of the topics I follow right now are ones I use myself, so will see my own posts until someone else writes about that particular topic using a tag or category.

    What I have noticed is that some topics have the posts disappear after a length of time, (but I have not figured out that time period) and are replaced with this text…

    “Don’t see any posts under the topic you searched for? That’s because there are no posts with that topic yet; maybe you should write the first one.”

    This is not true. I have written posts and others have written posts, just not within the last two, three months, or however long it is.

    I tend to follow the less popular topics. I don’t want to see posts tagged, “Birds” because I’ll get poetry, artwork, online games… things I am not interested in. I will follow a specific species or issue and I would like to see the available posts about that topic, not just the recent ones. Why must the older posts be hidden after some time, giving the impression no one has ever written any posts on that subject? Is there some limitation? If so, can this be changed/removed?

    Thank you for your consideration.

    The blog I need help with is



    I am experiencing a similar problem. I just looked under the topic ‘golf’ in my reader and it said “Don’t see any posts under the topic you searched for? That’s because there are no posts with that topic yet; maybe you should write the first one.” Not the first time it has happened over the last month or so and considering I post at least 3 times a week there should be some there!


    I just looked at your blog and the topic, golf. Your brand new post should show up.

    On my end, I thought this was standard that after a couple of months, posts would disappear. If I happen to want to follow whatever tag, I want to see any and all posts; old or new.

    I will tag this for staff to look at because maybe it is a bug, if your posts are not showing. I counted the tags/categories for today’s post and they were under the limit of 15.



    Hello The Birding Bunch,

    I’d be glad to provide you with some details on this. Currently topics expire after 60 days. So you are absolutely right, this is why you’re not seeing post you haven’t wrote about for a while.

    Hope that helps.


    This is why I posted this in the ideas. :) I would like to see what posts would be there especially from the tags that are not overly used and if someone hasn’t written about the subject in 3-4 months, I cannot see the posts.

    If this can not be changed, could the wording be changed on the notice because it makes it seem that nothing has ever been written on that particular topic, when in fact there may have been.

    But it seems ianhardie has a different problem. When I looked at his site and then the Topic, golf, on the reader, the post written that day did not show up.



    Hello @thebirdingbunch,

    I missed that it was posted in the Ideas forum :) Although I can make no promises, it is something we will look into. Thanks again for the idea!

    @ianhardie If you are still having problems please let us know.

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