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Topics/photos that you never expected to cover in your blog(s)

  1. Anything that surprised you on the type of posts/topics or photos that are in your blog, ...but you never planned or anticipated in the beginning?

    When I first began my blog I never dreamt that I would:
    *blog about food - Worked out fine.
    *blog about and include personal photos of wildlife- I am not a pet person nor a natural animal lover, though I love the great outdoors. But I ended up blogging about these animals that I have seen live on recent trips and have included photos of mine and my partner's (since he was there with me too when we both saw the wild animal). So I have blog posts focused on these wonderful creatures I've seen live and not in a zoo:

    *stork (yes, the live stork bird. But seen primarily in Europe and known better in Europe.)
    *deer, elk
    *bighorn sheep (you know those wild mountain sheep with curved big horns)

    Maybe in my lifetime, I'll see the wild long white-haired mountain goat that hangs out in the Rocky Mountains.
    Too bad I didn't get a photo of pika (little rodent like geribil) in the prairies. I saw a whole army of them scamper across the road while I was cycling.
    I have a seal photo from --afar. Not really worth posting.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Given that I attempted to make my blog about me, I'd have to admit total planning failure.

  3. It worked out fine for you anyway, raincoaster.

    Just constantly talking about oneself all the time, gets tiring at times on any blog.

  4. Never thought I would blog about Canada. It was totally worth it. Such a beautiful country! My family and I are definitely renting an RV and go camping someday around Canada.

  5. I didn't want to write a blog at all. I had a few things to say, and no one to say them to, so they wound up on the blog. I never thought I'd post facts about my childhood and family that I haven't thought about in many, many years. I have almost no control when posting -- I start out saying one thing and by the time the post is written the subject has completely changed.

  6. I have almost no control when posting -- I start out saying one thing and by the time the post is written the subject has completely changed.

    As long as it makes sense and tells story, that's good!

  7. i never thought i would blog at all, but when i thought of it, i knew exactly what i wanted to do. :)

  8. phoenixtearsheal

    No, nature and poems and songs and gardening, kinda sums it all up really :D

  9. I had no intention about blogging about food and recipes but I did include some of both in my personal ablog.

  10. So far with my food blog posts, I haven't included any recipes. I'm a lazy bum --I just don't want to type out these unique recipes or more to the point, test the measured amounts for a general audience. I rarely using measuring cups/spoons except when I'm baking a dessert which is very rare now.

    My food blog posts are on unique dishes that have been passed down from mother (nothing written, just us watching her and learning) or I've made up the recipes without measuring the ingredients. Same for some stuff, my partner has invented. Transformations of a base recipe which got lost in the jungles of time as he started to play around and invent. Some of these dishes are also shown.

    Another thing I never expected to blog, was blogging about the occasional celebrity that I've seen/heard in person up close. I'm not at all a celebrity follower nor do I listen to recent singers. But I did some blog posts on:

    Singer Sarah MacLauchlan.
    Canadian Olympic gold snowboarder (or skier), Maelle Rickler
    Rick Hansen (parapelegic athlete who went around the world in a wheelchair. For non-Canadians here, he's the guy in the wheelchair who entered Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics stadium in Opening Ceremonies, with the Olympic torch.)

    And some others.

  11. I sometimes think about posting an article about "give up smoking" but for thinking I need a tobacco.

  12. I honestly never thought I would share my obsession with power lines and towers. I've only posted two pics so far, but so many more are clamoring to be posted I may just have to go ahead and do it.

  13. I'm telling you, you are a great photographer.
    To me photography means To view things from the unique angles. A good photo is the one which depicts more than one story. The best one reveals many.

  14. Thank you for the kind words. To be honest I know I'm getting better, but still consider myself an idiot photographer since when I do get that "wow" picture most of the time it was on accident.

    So feel free to comment on my blog what story YOU see. That goes for everyone.

  15. I never thought I'd be Blogging Poetry, was mostly planning on doing Stories and such


  16. You first 20,000 pics are your worst.
    (unanimous) Well said
    So keep taking them. No picture is your "wow" picture which you get as an accident. The good picture is one which has thoughts in it.

  17. Gay Romance. Now there's something I'd never considered. This time last year I never would have dared write a blog. Now, I love it and so glad I started. Oh yes, and I love WP too!

  18. hnsaifi, I agree, sort of!

    I have been a WordPress photoblogger for a couple of months now, yet some of my favorites of all time have been some of my first 1000 shots. However, I keep working to get some of those once in a lifetime shots!

  19. I never, ever thought I'd start a blog, let alone one that reviews YA fiction on a daily basis. But all those books weighing down my shelves must be good for something. I guess I just love to read and share it with people! And in an indirect way, share my photography because my banner is a picture I took myself.

  20. I think we might take for granted alot of other stuff we've been interested for a long time.

    And a blog is a medium that can help a person articulate the person's passion and interests.

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