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    Hi. My blog was deactivated today for not complying with the advertisement policy. I sent the error report to the admin as instructed, but am wondering how long it will take to hear back from them, as well as where/how they will contact me.

    Does anybody know how long it usually takes them to respond to things like this and where? I appreciate any help I can get…I’m not even sure why I was taken down.

    Thanks in advance!

    The blog I need help with is



    It can be anything from a few hours to a few days; be sure to check your email’s spam filter, as sometimes they go there.



    I’m not staff, but I sure don’t see anything there that would flag it.



    Alright, thanks. Will I have to wait until Sept 19th to hear back from them? Or will it hopefully be sooner.



    Should be “soon”, based on a small sample I have seen in the Forum, Staff do check here and do their regular duties, just a bit slower as they are having an “All WordPress” meeting to plan the future. I have seen several Staff in the Forum and doing other things on a regular basis during the meeting.



    I had one of those messages two days ago. Although I still have no idea why, and have received no contact, the message has disappeared. Hope they have sorted yours out. I’m wondering now if this is a glitch in the system.


    Oops! Sorry, should have said. Mine was about content, which is odd because I write for children and would never post anything offensive.


    I was accidentally suspended too and it was by mistake. I thought the industry I complain about finally complained but I was told I’ve never had a single complaint.


    Just received a message saying “the system should not have done that”. And an apology for any concern it may have caused.




    Still haven’t heard anything…they’d send me an email, right? Not some sort of messaging system on WordPress that I missed?



    Yes, they’ll send you an email; be sure to check your spam folder on the email, though, because they do sometimes get sent there instead.



    We cannot discuss questions related to TOS actions on the forums; please use the link contained in the suspension message to contact our team directly.

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