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ToS warnings

  1. arunchullikkal

    TOS Warning: Our records show that your blog may be in violation of our Terms of Service or advertising policy. If you believe your blog complies with those policies, please contact us immediately to ensure your blog is not suspended.

    I got this... i'm not aware of this. but i have removed the ads. But still the warning is there. I'm worried


  2. Volunteers have no part in this. Like you we are only bloggers. Support hours are from 9-5 PM Pacific time weekdays. You can tell TPTB what you think using this link or the "support" link on the top right hand corner of any dashboard/admin side blog page in your blog.

  3. Still got the TOS warning and I again sent a reply to the TOS warning but still havent receive any reply yet. I also don't have any advertisement, what could have been wrong? (sigh!) :-(

  4. @zhenjin
    Staff work 24/7 in the background and when Mark who has the responsibility for this area has time to get to you I'm sure he will. In between the best advice I can offer is to please be patient.

  5. arunchullikkal

    Thank you Mark, its removed

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