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Total number of posts in your blog

  1. I must be a slacker blogger compared to other fellow bloggers. Since Dec. 2010, I've only published 57 posts in my personal blog.

    (However I've done blog posts for 3 other blogs...I'll get around to the statistics -later.)

    But I don't plan to ramp up in a super significant way to do more blog posts. It's just the way how my Muse works. :)

    The blog I need help with is

  2. 201 posts since July last year.

  3. Hi everyone,
    220 posts since my blog's creation in 2009.
    I say if you are happy with your posts than don't sweat quantity...

  4. No worries Jean, I've only written 79 since 2010.

  5. Uh, 4,350. On my main blog, not the other 11.

  6. 742 Posts (founded August 2007) 646 Posts (founded April 2007)
    I have an archived older blog too.

  7. 227 since January 13, 2012.

  8. Carrie, you are a machine.

  9. Some real troopers here. Having a full-time job sucks out alot of energy/Muse from me.

    For my 3 other blogs, it's only an additional 47 blog posts in total. Other blogs started up in Dec. 2010, Mar. 2010 and Feb. 2011. Other blogs had other guest writers to support some organizations' mandates.

  10. @ardpete I guess that's what happens when I get bored. I either write 7 posts at a time or clean the whole house. Since I hate cleaning, my blog takes priority.

  11. carrie, that's how I got to this state. You should SEE my apartment.

  12. 596 since late October 2010.

  13. oh just 8 posts since june 2012!

  14. snoozingonthesofa

    45 posts since December, 2011. I can't get my children to write any faster than that. Slackers!

  15. I'm impressed teamoiy since you have several children. Like momfog. To squeeze in time and energy to blog.

  16. @OP
    I can't tell you the number of posts on my blog. You'll have to go through all 38 to see how many are there. (Since August 2011)
    oops :)

  17. I have just uploaded my 780th post, on my blog that's been running since July 2007.

  18. I happen to have a job that I enjoy very much. Just so happens I can do my job while being on the computer, where all my hobbies are... What's left to do at the end of the day but blog, right? :)

  19. 428 since Feb 2011, so what if the housework piles up?
    The blogging must go on! :)

  20. 1,087 posts on my Big Island of Hawaii news blog--covering a span of 3 1/2 years. Since my material changes daily, I'm into mostly daily posting to keep up with local events. Your mileage may when you feel the need to write. If you write quality material and feel energized by the process, post as often as you like. I've read some dynamite posts by people who only write once or twice a week. As long as writing is not a chore, there is no limit to how many times you can post.

  21. 137 posts in 2 years. I have absolutely no intention of posting more often than twice per week at most. Quality (or at least I hope so) not quantity.

  22. 2,228 posts on my active blog. Another few thousand archived from previous iterations of my blog. I keep telling myself to migrate them, but…

  23. 8204 posts as of today :)

  24. roughseasinthemed

    A miserable 1008 over five blogs, over varying periods of time. Couple of other fiction blogs but didn't include those.

    I'm impressed with the correlation between blogging and scruffy houses. So nice to know I'm not alone. [gazes around at dust.....]

  25. strugglingactivist

    13 posts as of today, but stopped blogging and only started again two weeks ago!

  26. 173 posts since January 2011 on my main blog

    Huh. I thought it would be more.

  27. 7, because I only started the blog on 11th July. And it's going well! :)

  28. becomingcliche

    I think my number is 268. Today I've been on WordPress for a year. I have a few posts that I imported from a different site, but I don't really count those. I started that blog as a way to deal with a friend's death, and I've moved on since then.

  29. theinsanityaquarium

    I've posted 49 posts on my main blog, The Insanity Aquarium and I've been here for just over a year.

    Quality over quantity, or some similar cliche :D

  30. I have posted 29 since beginning in December 2011. I truly have to want to write, and I will not publish unless it is exactly the way I want it:) Working full-time, and being a single mom with a new puppy slows me down a bit too, but it is all so very worth it!

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