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Totally new blogger

  1. Hey... I am all new in here... I am having some trouble/questions.
    I want to make my blog in both english and danish..

    I am trying to find a guide in how to make one blog where there are an option to "change" from one language to another. (I translate all of it my self) but i want the top menu to change as well. Can anyone help me?


    The blog I need help with is

  2. You can set only one interface language in any blog here > Settings > General
    However, you can write a blog post in the two languages and then post the two versions of the entry on the same blog, make each language category (English, Danish) , create a custom menu and add the categories pages to it.

  3. Thanks...
    i might be doing something wrong.
    but is there a guide that tells me how to change the layout on the blog?
    my blog front page have to menu buttons "Danish and English"
    When i Press the Danish button i want some danish menu buttons to show up, and make the danish vanish and then have like four menu buttons and and english "Om Mig, Billeder, Min Cykel, Nye Post and English" and then the other way around when i press the english button. "About Me, Pictures, My Bike, New Posts and Dansk"

  4. Our blogs do not allow what you are looking for. To have that you need to hire a web host and set up a WordPress>ORG install.

  5. I regularly read a blog where the writer posts in both French and English in the same post and it works beautifully (I don't speak/read French). I guess it is all about layout.

  6. Maybe i just need a theme that accept two menus?

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