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totally off topic: modem slowing down - any ideas?

  1. I've got this weird thing on my computer the last few days/week - out of the blue, my broadband modem is keeps slowing down, dropping to between 800 and 480 kbps. We live in a rural area so speed's not fast at the best of times but we used to be able to get at least 2Mbps. Would anyone have any ideas what would make this happen so suddenly? There's just one computer connected to one ADSL (or DSL, can't remember) modem - no wireless, no home network.

    It's got very hot here the last few days (for the UK, anyway!) could that have anything to do with it? I'm sure it's been this warm before and we've had the modem a few years.

    There are only two or three ISPs we can use in this area and they're all about as bad as each other, so I'm not sure I could do anything if it's their end. Though why it would be so suddenly, I don't know. I've looked at their site and can't see any downtime or other status issues.

    Any help/advice/ideas/input would be great. Thanks. :)

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Give your ISP a call and find out if it is their end, if not then ask them for support and complain about the slow speeds! :D

  3. Often when my connection starts running slow I'll unplug my router for about 30 seconds to a minute then reconnect it and that seems to work.

    But if it's continually being slow you should definitely take it up with the service provider. Who are you with?

  4. We're unfortunately with TalkTalk... who I vowed not to use again. Their customer service is pretty nonexistent.

    I'll try unplugging the router tomorrow (er, later today I mean) and see if that makes any difference.

  5. Ugh TalkTalk!? Are they really the best option lol

  6. @ardpete I live in rural Wales, we have the option of BT, TalkTalk (who were Tiscali but got taken over by Talk Talk) and... I don't even know if there is another option. We're really out in the sticks here and surrounded by hills, so reception's not great anyway. Unlike London we can't get cable, and we really can't afford satellite broadband, so we're pretty stuck really.

  7. I'd have given BT a try haha, I live in Derbyshire so where I live reception isn't that great for me either, which is annoying because 20 minutes up the road is Sheffield and they have ace connectivity.

    Saying that, when I worked in the French alps last year, they had the best internet connection I've ever seen and that was at the top of a bloody mountain!

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