Tough Luck For Science and Technology Bloggers

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    All I see on the Freshly Pressed page is about Food, Art, Photography, Fiction, Poetry and Music; and I haven’t seen any post about Science and Technology on the Freshly Pressed page, even for at least once.

    People seem to pay more attention on recreation and entertainment rather than giving a little chance to intellectual or scholastic article. Why?

    The blog I need help with is



    Maybe it’s because IQ is descending and the ability to read and write as well as to comprehend what’s written is diminishing rapidly as we all become button clicking and/or finger poking monkeys. lol :D
    I could not resist. I confess that I don’t click the Freshly Pressed link on my dashboard so I don’t have a clue what’s there.



    Hi @sparkonit – I’ll pass your feedback that you’d like to see more science and tech content along to our editors. :)



    Freshly Pressed is best thought of as a general interest magazine curated by a handful of people. If your taste is not theirs, look for other venues. I have a friend who’s a NYT journalist who’s been on it five times, and I’ve never been on it and don’t anticipate being on it. I look to other venues for exposure.

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