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Tourism. Good or Bad?

  1. Okay, here is my situation. I have been assigned a team debate, and being on the debate team I need to expand my original ideas on the motion.

    The Motion is; "Tourism is good for the World".

    Firstly, I agree with anyone who states that the motion is slightly too broad and bland. There is obviously alot to talk about though, and many different paths to go down.
    Secondly, my team is opposing the motion (i.e we have to argue that it is in some way BAD)
    Thirdly, I am not trying to get you guys to write out my speech, however I do need more broken down arguments.

    The first few that cam into my head were:
    Tourism destroys cultures traditions and indigenous tribes etc.

    Tourism, due to the mix of cultures, can create racism.

    Tourism is one of the main reasons for pollution, especially due to aviation.
    For a 2 five minute speeches, and another improvised 5 minute speech, I really could get some help from some people here, who are hopefully slightly more knowledgeable in this region than I am.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. lettershometoyou

    The worst sort of tourism is that produced by cruise ships. They foul the seas, pollute the air, belch thousands upon thousands of tourists at a time on cities. Oh, and the ships are ugly, too.

  3. Without tourism, my village in rural Canada wouldn't exist. Sure, some tourists can be ridiculously obnoxious (especially Americans, who always seem to talk so loudly), but there are a lot of good people who visit as well. And of course there are ridiculously obnoxious locals who talk too loudly. It all depends on the individual tourist. I'm pro-tourism to a certain extent. But once tourism gets out of hand, damaging historical monuments, creating more pollution, etc. then I think it should be limited.

  4. Titas, you haven't written anything on your blog.

    Do some research first.Write some blog posts...on whatever topic fancies you. Not a topic you don't know (or claim to) right now.

  5. This is as good enough a topic to write a post on. Heck, I'd personally be interested in Titas' blog post on tourism. (Though, judging from the blog itself, it looks like it will most likely be written in a language other than English. Quel dommage.)

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